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DAMIN has set up the new Research and Development Center in 2002, which engages in researching and developing high technology. The center has got more than 80 R&D specialists, among whom there are 5 doctors, 12 masters and the rest bachelors. We spend a large amount of money on research and development every year, which occupies 8% of sales volume. In addition, we build a deep cooperation with domestic research institutes, such as TRICAAS, Jiangnan University,Anhui Agriculture University, Zhejiang University and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. We develop several production skills like aroma recovery, low temperature enzymolysis and 3S extraction process, etc. Through these skills, tea extracts are much closer to fresh tea. We not only preserve tea nutrition and sense features but also standardize and stabilize the products and make it possible to meet the demand of customized products. At present, the center has pilot plant and advanced analyzing facilities. It is the National Post-Doctoral Research Station and the Provincial Technical and Engineering Center. It is also awarded the title of "Haixi Talent Highland" and in charge of several provincial scientific programs.

Professional Tea Tasters and Developers from Damin provide different tastes of products and overall service for different customers to meet their differentiated products demands.

We can provide suitable and different products and service according to different local markets based on the general knowledge of global drinks developing trends and the strong application ability. The whole-package solutions make customers easier to be successful.