【Herbal Tea & Concentrates】
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  • Product Name:Herbal Extracts
  • Features:Healthy and Highquality
  • Ingredients:Natural Medical and Edible Herbal
  • Parameters:As below

Damin inherited and developed Chinese medicine processing theory. We use Chinese Medicine and
herbal tea as raw material through multitank water extraction process followed by membrane
filtration and upconcentration, CT concentration, membrane filter sterilization, aseptic filling,
vacuum freezedrying and other advanced processes and technology to produce high quality herbal
extract instant powder and concentrates. The product has preserved flavor, nutrition and medicinal
function with good solubility, clarify. We completely overcome the challenges including the large
variation in the quality of herbal raw material, the poor sanitation, the extreme timeconsuming
and energyconsuming extraction process. Our product can be widely used in various classes of liquid
beverage, solid drinks, health care products, functional food and beverage, convenience food, baked
goods, candies, lozenges, and snack food.Instant herbal powder and concentrate passed Kosher
certificate by OUInstant herbal powder and concentrate passed HALAL certificate by IFANCA and MUI

    Product category                  Product List
 Herbal powder series

Honeysuckle extract

Plumeria extract

Chrysanthemum extract

Rose extract


Osmanthus extract

Wolfberry extract

Liquorice extract

Jujube extract

Hawthorn extract

selfheal extract

Mesona extract

lotus leaf extract

Luo han fruit extract

Mint extract

Red Yeast Rice extract

Lemongrass extract

Guava Extract

Cardamon Extract

Star Anise Extract

Maca Extract

Nutmeg Extract

Bilberry Extract

amarind Extract

The root of kudzu vine extract

Loquat flower extract

Lotus seed extract

Solomon's seal extract

Chinese yam extract

Ginger extract

Cinnamon extract

Sweet tea extract

Broadleaf holly leaf extract

Folium cortex eucommiae extract

Ginseng extract

Barley extract

Houttuynia cordata extract

Herbal compound extract series

Selfheal herbal compound

Memona herbal compound

Luo Han Fruit herbal compound
Five Flowers herbal compound

Bamboo leaf herbal compound

Chrysanthemum herbal compound

Herbal  concentrate

Jujube concentrate

Smoked plum concentrate

Wolfberry concentrate

Chrysanthemum concentrate

Hawthorn concentrate

Luo Han Guo  concentrate

Roselle concentrate

Selfheal concentrate

Compound herbal tea concentrate